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The church of Christ at Oakwood

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Morning Sermon:
One Way
No Outline
Evening Sermon:
The New Kingdom
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The church of Christ at Oakwood, Ohio, exists for the sole purpose of exhalting Jesus Christ as the Son of God and pointing men and women to Him for eternal life in heaven as well as a serene and purposeful life here on earth. We love God, Christ and each other as a family and are always looking for honest individuals who truly want to go to heaven and escape the clutches of Satan.

Our worship is simple and directed to our Heavenly Father through Jesus,  His Son.

It consists simply of:
1.Congregational singing
2.Public prayers
5.Partaking of the Lord's Supper each Lord's Day

Our Aim: Enveloped with love and genuine concern for each one present, we strive to make every visitor to feel welcome as we encourage them to look to Jesus and his inspired disciples as guides from this life to the next.

Email Us: preacher@lonnielambert62@yahoo.com